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From the desk of Ari Lee.

New York, New York.

Dear Friends,


"I have finally cracked the code to help Realtors Turn Their Expensive Supposedly 'Dead' Leads... Into Great Commissions... If you continue reading till the end of this page, I will show you exactly how I do it...and offer you my done for you service in which I can set this whole process up for you.

How I Figured This Little Marketing Gem Out...​

Agents come into the real estate business wanting to build a career.  And while their intentions are sincere, their actions tell a different story.


Like every working adult they also need income and the typical agent REALLY wants to make a sale NOW.


They are being bombarded by industry ads that boast "get high quality leads that close this month!"


Real estate "coaches" are training them to find out if prospects are buying in the next 60 days!


Any prospect out of this 60 day window... you need to kick to the curb!", the coaches say.


Here's the part they are COMPLETELY MISSING...

Home Buying is NOT AN EVENT It's A PROCESS.

It's a cycle where prospects...

  • Usually look online
  • Make semi-interested inquiries to an agent
  • Finally contact an agent to view homes
  • Purchase and finally go to closing (30-50 days later)

According to

Home buyers search online for over 6 months before even contacting an agent!

Then it may take months to find the right home to make an offer on.

Yet, agents think only 'immediate leads' are good leads!

The National Association of Realtors says...

70% of homebuyers work with the 'first agent' they speak to!

But don't be confused...

When the buyer IS ready to start physically looking at homes

The 'First Agent' Who Is... TOP-OF-MIND will be the one they work with whether it's by chance or planned.

The smart agent can make ONE...just ONE critical adjustment, and generate a literal flood of sales --- more than just about any other agent out there!

HOW? By Follow-up.

But not just any type of follow-up!

Automation is the key.  But not with autoresponders, robodialers or text marketing.

It's a way to be in front of prospects without the hassle of old school 'salesy' real estate follow-up techniques.

How We Changed the Game For Our Clients


Take an online homebuyer lead that just hits the real estate agent's inbox.


This time the agent does NOT try to 'sell' that prospect.

Instead, she just makes contact to say...


"Hi, I hope you're not offended by my call but I wanted to say THANK YOU - for using my site.

I'm here if you need anything later the way there's a way to get brand new home listings without having to speak to an agent.  Can I send you how to do it?"


Whoa! What a difference, right?


At THIS stage, its precisely what the prospect WANTS to hear!

Most will not be ready now and the other leads will be tossed around like a hot potato among tons of other agents!


So... the achilles heel of real estate agents is...

Lack of Follow-Up.

They just don't do it.


Frankly the amount of follow up it takes for just one legit prospect can take a lot out of an agent.


Now imagine having to follow up with 100's of leads in a growing database!


But relax...I have the Ultimate Follow-up Tool that effortlessly conquers this task.

This follow-up system tool beats

  • Phone calls

  • Email drips

  • Postal mail

  • In-person visits

I'm going to reveal a hands-off system that is a 'set-it and forget it'...but is more effective than all the other methods.


It promotes the essence of what the RE agent wants to say, the image they feel most comfortable presenting:

Remember me!...the nice agent who isn't pushy!  When you're ready, I'm ready.​

If you think RE Agents are satisfied with Referrals and Follow-up from Zillow and other Corporate Sources...


All day long on forums agents complain about the poor results from these 'leads.'

What many don't know is, it may not be the leads that suck, but where the lead is in the SALES CYCLE.

If agents don't have a system to work these leads over months,
not weeks or days...

Then ANY Lead can be viewed as 'JUNK"!

Maybe its not the leads that are so bad but its

"Change The Way You Work The Leads And You'll Change The Outcome".


Need Proof? Check out these actual posts from realtors about how they are not making money with lead sources like Zillow. You need a sustainable strategy.

Get Our Done For You Automated Service

For only $299.00​ per/mo.

We will setup and manage for you:

  • Setup a Business Fan page
  • Setting up your business manager
  • Accessing your Fb accounts
  • Creating engaging posts
  • Setting up an campaign
  • Setting up an ad
  • Landing Page
  • Installing a Pixel
  • Lookalike campaign and ad creation

Final Thoughts You Should Read

I do not blame you if you are still a bit skeptical.


No else has crafted a Follow-Up System just for Realtors that would put their follow up on Autopilot...


But you may think, maybe, just maybe, could it be true?


It's a little like the dog that is so ugly it is almost cute.


Some will even say to themselves...


"if this system is so attractive to realtors, why haven't I heard of it before?"


I understand and if you are having these or similar thoughts after reading my story, there is definitely nothing I could add to make you a "believer".  I would not even try.


I will simply wish you all good success in your future.


However, if you have an open mind and a strong desire to achieve success, the kind of success that you dreamed could be possible, it's just one risk-free mouse click away.



Ari Lee

Why You MUST Act Now...

My done for you service is so important NOW because it's a game changer. Very few Realtors or consultants know about this "Contact followup approach" and how effective it can be.


Not every Realtor will jump at this, of course.


But the more you see what's happening in your business, and understand your client buying CYCLE, the more you will gravitate to this approach.


Take action and start generating clients in the next 48 hours.